DWP policies not to stop benefits revealed!

Interesting that the DWP has just revealed in correspondence that it appears to have a policy not to stop ESA claimants' payments if they're known to have mental health problems and are unable to complete and return a questionnaire,

"...in accordance with DWP policy, if someone with a mental health condition does not return their ESA50 questionnaire within the usual four week period their benefit does not end, as it would for other claims".

This comes hot on the heals of it being revealed that the DWP also does not stop payments when claimants' with cervical myelopathy cannot return questionnaires.

Will be interesting to see if any cases come through that have "slipped through the net"!


Equality Act enforcement Parliamentary Inquiry

Here is a link to the Women and Equality Select Committee's inquiry into enforcing the Equality Act.  Anyone can make a submission.

The obvious thing would be to have a free Equalities Tribunal where people could bring cases in a similarly risk-free way to a benefits tribunal.  However, the current ludicrous situation is that benefits tribunals are expressly forbidden from considering whether the DWP has breached the Equality Act.  That forces claimants to have to run two sets of proceedings - a social security tribunal and a County Court claim.  The difficulites of doing this have allowed the DWP to routinely discriminate against disabled people when dealing with ESA and PIP claims knowing that in the vast majority of cases disabled people will not be able to enforce their rights.