Incompetent DWP agents unchallenged by Officials

Shocking figures released by the DWP reveal that only a tiny fraction of the appalling reports written by contractors carrying out assessments are ever challenged by Officials

And in a response from Officials to me it was stated,

When a PIP award is changed by an independent tribunal, this is not because they decide the DWP decision is erroneous or unreasonable, rather they just reach a different opinion”.  The letter also stated, “As our case managers are not medically trained, we need to rely on the assessment reports we receive from the health professionals.  We are able to (and often do) challenge inconsistencies.  However, we are obliged to accept the health professional’s ultimate opinion is final

So it's official: Atos and Capita are in fact controlling the outcome of PIP claims.  They profit from the assessments and make decisions that result in lots of pointless assessments of claimants with chronic and deteriorating conditions.

Government lies about disability benefits too

It's not only Universal Credit that is subject to lying by the Government.  Try this regarding Personal Independence Payments from 2012.

In, “Government’s response to the consultation on DLA reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design” dated 13 December 2012, it was stated,

 “Our intention is that the claim process will include procedures to help identify individuals who may need additional support with their claim and the information requirements, whether from DWP or an independent adviser”.

 And, “we will ensure that the 4 week period to return the claim includes Secretary of State discretion to extend this period where reasonable in exceptional circumstances”.

I have yet to see a single case where the DWP delivered on these commitments and I've been doing PIP cases continually since 2013.

Or this December 2017 Government response to the Second Independent Review of PIP where it stated it was accepting the recommendation,

To re-emphasise and ensure that employment will not disadvantage claimants when they seek to claim PIP and explore ways in which PIP may be an enabler in improving employment retention”.

Yet time and again the DWP and its agents use the fact that a claimant is in work to argue they are not disabled enough to get PIP.

The Post Truth agenda is at home in the DWP.