Nailing the Offenders

Hearing of so many devastating incidents of extreme disability discrimination triggered by various service providers seeking to enforce masks on those unable to wear them has been shocking.  Now we are working together to nail the offenders and stop this happening.

Many people have already obtained apologies and assurances of changes from service providers - a great achievement.  This is the piority - to ensure we can all go out free from discrimination and harassment.

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of winning your case it is best to have the following in place... 

- Medical evidence showing you have condition that has a long term and substantial impact on your life.  Long term means at least a year and substantial means more than minor or trivial. 

- Confirmation that wearing a face covering would cause you severe distress.  The gold standard is a medical professional confirming this, but we appreciate this is not always possible and you will know if a face covering causes you severe distress.  Although this is new territory for everyone, logically if you describe severe distress and that is consistent with your condition, that should be accepted by service providers and / or the courts. 

- Dates, times and locations of incidents with a description of what happened.

Please note none of this is needed to be exempt from wearing a face covering.  It's just that such evidence is needed when pursuing remedy for discrimination. 

If you have the above in place when we get to your case, if you still need us, we will be able to get on with it efficiently.

There is usually a six month time limiit for discrimination cases.

Apologies to those who have struggled to find our face coverings discrimination template letter.

Denial of medical treatment part of shocking trend

We are dealing with a disturbing number of cases of people denied essential medical treatment because they are unable to wear a face covering.  It's hard to keep ourselves together when we are hearing such shocking and dangerous examples of prejudice and discrimination towards people unable to wear face masks.  This is in addition to people prevented from accessing basic provisions and being harassed when peacably entering retail and services premises.  This trend in society could reasonably be compared with some of the darkest days of human history. 

That has meant the kind messages of support and encouragement we have received are even more of a boost. 

If we have still not got to your case we are sorry.  Please continue to bear with us.  We have taken on extra staff but are still a tiny company and have never experienced anything like this before.